Early footwear industries adopted solvent-based adhesive bonding processes such as chloroprene rubber and chloroprene graft copolymer. Solvent-based adhesives were toxic to human beings. Mild exposure could damage organs, and heavy exposure could even cause fainting. Many solvent-based adhesives contributed to large scale pollution and environmental degradation. For the health of human beings and the environment, hot melt adhesives were introduced to replace solvent-based adhesives. HES, as a leader in hot melt footwear applications, developed energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, secure and highly productive hot melt applicators. The quality of equipment and services was widely acknowledged by industries. HES hot melt footwear applicators dominated major footwear application processes with 80% of the market share. The product line included spray/dot/line applicators, roller coaters, edge coaters, and specialized models for customary application processes. The field of application included lining spray application, counter coating, irregular surface application, upper edge coating, mid-insole dot application, shoe pad application, etc.


Hot Melt Applicator-Footwear

HES Footwear Application